Saturday, May 26, 2007

Joseph in various positions...

Here are some updated photos of baby various positions he takes around the house.

The "angry tummy time".

The "post-bath boxer".

The "gleeful swing" pose.

This is one of our all-time favorites (so far). It's the "how I love to sleep best...with daddy holding me out in front of him and killing his back while I snooze" pose. (Notice the VERY relaxed state of Joseph, evident by the flopping arms at each side. "Ohhhh-yeah...")

The "watching the bear show" pose and the "close-up of watching said bear show".
Yeah...he's a keeper!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Enjoy the day

Elliott was in the backyard the other day with the boys just having fun when I was able to snap these photos of them as they decided to enjoy the day and the weather (Jackson had just figured out that I had come outside right before I snapped this photo.)
Alright, now they're ALL posing in this one!


"You're a, Heartbreaker...Dream-maker..."

The lead-in line from Pat Benatar's song aptly describes this picture to me. Both boys have their own personal charm - but Ethan's pose quells any thoughts that he's a shy one!
(By the way, that's their version of the temple - not sure which one - but that's what Jackson said they had built.)

Anything for the ladies...

The young women of our ward had a car-wash fundraiser to raise money to attend camp and we took both autos over for a good wash. Immediately upon opening the van door, Jackson and Ethan were surrounded by the young ladies and Jackson asked "Can I help you wash cars?" - to which the girls replied a hearty "Yes!" The boys had MUCH fun! Can you tell? Now, to just get them to continue doing this for our cars every month (with the same enthusiasm) until they're married...
Working hard to impress the girls...

Just give Ethan the chance to plop something into a bucket of bubbles and he's good to go!

Wonder if we can get him to do this with our cars normally?

Monday, May 21, 2007

"Muffins with Mommy" Day

Jackson's school had a "Muffins with Mommy" morning to celebrate Mother's Day. It was such fun to hang out with Jackson, munch some muffins, and watch him do his thing. I even received a beautiful card and sun-catcher he made! He's not smiling much in this photo 'cause I just told him I had to go, but all in all it really was a lovely morning!
"I made this!"

Cutie-pa-too-tie! (Oh, excuse me, Cool Boy Jones!)

"Hey, Mom, watch me shove a muffin into my mouth using only one hand!"

Jackson on the playground - a boy with trucks and's like peanut butter and jelly (or honey in our house) - it just GOES TOGETHER!

Various and Assorted Photos...

Handsome Joseph in his blessing day outfit. What a heart-throb already! The line of girls waiting to hold him every Sunday is impressive. And he was PERFECT during his blessing (daddy especially appreciated that!)
Mommy and Jackson outside his school.

When Mom and Dad Jones and Rachel and Jared (Elliott's sister and husband) came out for Joseph's blessing day, we took some shots in the backyard. I LOVE Jackson's expression in this one (and you can bet from Ethan's expression that he's taking this in and plans on duplicating it at a later time!)

Great picture of the boys with daddy (ok, so he doesn't particularly like this photo of himself, but I think it looks great!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More pics of the Jones boys

Here are a few more shots of Joseph with his big brothers. We're especially fond of the picture of Ethan (the blondie) and the new arrival lying on the bed. Clearly, they are destined to be accomplished singers!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Big Brothers' Fun in the Sun

Well, considering that we've posted some pics of Joseph, we felt it was only appropriate to also include some recent pics of his older brothers. Here's Jackson (almost 5 years) and Ethan (2 years) in the backyard. I picked up these hats at Target recently (SO hard to find decent hats that will actually COVER your child's head!) Ethan's is particularly hysterical - but he really enjoys peeking out from under it!

The Latest Addition!!!

Well, we've had a new addition come to the Jones clan and we figured a blog with some pictures would be the best way to share the news. Joseph William Jones was born Wednesday, April 11, 2007 at 7:03 pm! 7 lbs. & 10 oz. and 20 inches long. True to form, he arrived EXACTLY five days before his due date (just like his two big brothers did before him!) I don't know why my body decides that this is when they need to come, but it does. And he came FAST too (thankfully!) Elliott and I were walking up to the hospital at 5:45pm and he made his grand entrance just after 7pm! He even was gracious enough to arrive with plenty of time for mommy to get a bit of rest and then watch American Idol results and Lost (Rest, you say? Yeah, right! Like I'm going to be able to wind down quickly after experiencing the equivalent to running marathon in under an hour!) But what a guy! We're super excited about his arrival and now that a couple of weeks have past since his birth, we're seeing glimpses of his brothers in his expressions. What a cutie (we think!) :)

Here's just one picture of him for this post (don't be fooled by the "I love daddy" binki - although the sentiment is VERY true, Joseph also knows exactly WHO got him out into the world! The "I love mommy" binki is nearby...) We'll post some other pics of him and also try and keep up with regular pics of all the kiddos. Can't believe it - three wonderful boys! Can you see the gray yet? Has it started already? If I could upload a song to this post, it would most defintely be the theme song to "My Three Sons"!