Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just a few things...

Here are some pics from various and assorted events that have been occurring over the past few weeks - Enjoy!
Jackson had a musicale a few weeks before school ended. The theme was "Bahaman Breezes" and all the kids came out in tropical clothing ready to sing a few songs. Jackson performed in "A Citron life for me" (to the tune of "A Pirates life for me"), "It's a small world", and "Pearly Shells" along with the Finale, "Pu'pu O "Ewa". He was awesome - singing and doing the hand motions. I had the inspired idea to have him wear the sunglasses as we were getting out of the van for the performance. I truly think he enjoyed his "look" - kind of like his own special character for the event!
Cool-man Jones prior to the musicale - like a true Jones performer, he's all smiles. Nerves of steel, no trace of hesitation -'s in his blood. :)
Joseph waiting patiently during the performance. He was a trooper!
The cool man next to the tiki pole after the show (see his thumbs up!)
My birthday! Well, if you're going to turn another year older, at least make the cake fun!
Donuts with Daddy day!
Jackson's thought: "You want me to eat donuts with daddy for Father's Day - uh...OK!"
"Never met a donut I didn't like!"
A little shy about his gift for daddy.
How I found Jackson after he woke up for his final day of pre-school. I have no idea why...
This was Jackson's reaction when I told him it was the last day of school.
Last day of pre-school - on to kindergarten!
Decorating goodie-bags before lunch.
Hugs and smiles from and for the teacher!
Looking through said goodie-bags before heading home!
Awesome bounce-house fun - with the requested theme. We had 15 kiddos and half as many parents attending and the bounce house was the best money we could have spent for the party - totally worth it! The yummo cake - again, with the requested theme.
Jackson and Gramps enjoying the party.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007