Monday, April 21, 2008

An Experiment

So today marks the "National Turn TV Off" week - when people are encouraged to turn off/unplug and otherwise not use their TV's for an entire week. I knew this was coming up, but I actually thought it was next week (so as you can guess, I'm off to a great start so far!) NOT!

I'm a person who believes there is good that can come from TV/movies but that it shouldn't continually take the place of time spent together - but I'm also a mother of three young children who sometimes needs a moment to 1) get dinner made, 2) fold 2 pieces of laundry and put them away, 3) clean a gross toilet, 4) insert something here! It IS hard to spend the whole day, every day creating "moments" for your children. And I don't know that that is needful or even wanted every moment for the kids as they enjoy having time on their own here and there to play too. This all said, I DO turn to the TV sometimes as a way of getting a moment or two to clear my own head, get something done during daylight hours (rather than hoping I can squeeze something in once all kids are asleep and then having no energy to do it - and besides, my kids seem to know this desire of mine and do their level best to deter me from having said "moments" after bedtime to do anything), and as a way of recharging myself and my ideas of things I can do with them. I also wonder if teaching them about limits and moderation isn't possibly a better way than making them think it's all or nothing.

This all being said, I think it's a great opportunity to get creative, push the limits of my own imagination (and stamina) and see just what we can come up with as a family.

I don't know if I'll actually make it an entire week with NO TV ("Lost" IS a new show this week!) But then again, if I ask my children to go without "Curious George" then I should be able to cut something too! :) We'll see...we did have some great time today playing games and continued the fun into Family Home Evening!
Who knows how this will all pan out...perhaps it will be a raging success, perhaps we'll try some new things we've never done and discover something new about ourselves and each other, perhaps we'll strengthen the bonds of family love and affection...or, perhaps we'll just look like this at the end of the week:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Three peas in a pod

Well, we decided to take photos of our family for Easter and per usual that was quite the experience! At least we didn't have to wait in line at some overcrowded photo studio, have our appointment be 1/2 an hour behind schedule, have to nurse the baby during the photo shoot, wait around for an hour after the appointment for our photos to be "processed", and in the end, pay waaaayyyy to much for them! :) Something good comes from getting all our own photography equipment!!!'s one of the pictures I just love - a "let's all cuddle together" (which, I might add, then did on their own without my coaxing them!) Joseph's face is particularly priceless as we're not sure whether he's annoyed or just about ready to laugh (if memory serves, I think he did giggle a bit after this shot.) The Jones boys...hard to resist! But biased I am...