Saturday, September 15, 2012

Black Belt Test

Just wanted to put up some video and a picture from Ethan's taekwondo black belt test.  We were really really proud of the hard work Ethan put into preparing for the test, not to mention the booty-kickin' job he did at the test itself.  All the pictures and video are in the 2012-08 folder on our smugmug site, but here are the highlights:

In the weeks leading up to the test he had to relearn and pass off the forms from 6 of his earlier color belts: White, Orange, Yellow, Camo, Green, and Red.  At the test he had to demonstrate three of the six: White, Orange, and Red for the panel of judges.

Breaking is a part of every test - color belt or black belt.  Ethan had to break one board with a punch and another with a kick.  A lot of kids need multiple attempts, but Ethan made it look easy on his very first try.

Here's a great picture of Ethan with all of his teachers.