Thursday, January 31, 2008

Days of Whine & Poop

Over a month ago, while vacationing in Phoenix during the holidays, I jokingly mentioned to some family that although I was woefully behind on my blogging, I may just have a suitable post theme to add. Well, time went by and I had hoped to NOT have cause to post my original idea - but alas and alack, I DO - and it revolves around POOP! (At this time, any readers with weak stomaches may choose to visit another blog instead of continuing to read!) :)

In mid-December, Joseph got an ear infection and despite the antibiotics used, acquired another one (and another one) over the course of a month and a half. He had 3 rounds of meds, each stronger than the last, and with rounds 2 & 3 began to have a LOT of pooping - as mentioned in the title (the D-word really is more appropriate, but I'm trying to be considerate for those with delicate feelings on the subject.) As family around us can attest, it became so bad that along with a flamming red bottom, Joseph also had to deal with fissures. On a side note, I believe if we had stock in any one of the following companies: Viva paper towels, Balmex, A+D ointment, Costco diapers, Costco wipes (pre-Viva paper towels), and Neosporin, we would have secured our retirement and the financial well-being of our children for life!)

The "Whine" referred to in the title of my post really has come more from me. Joseph, ever the love, has done remarkably well considering all of this. With the exception of actually having his diaper changed, he has continued to be very loving, charming and while in Phoenix even progressed from belly crawl, to knee crawl and started pulling himself up! What a boy!!! :) But I digress... My whining has come usually this this: "Ok, little man - you've just had your diaper changed for the 8th time - so no more for awhile, Ok?" To which Joseph would respond with a giggle, a twist of the head and the most charming smile...and two minutes later proceed to grunt, strain and, yup, you guessed it - POOP yet again! "AAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!! Stop POOPING, little man!!! I just can't TAKE it!" Yeah, that's me. Ever the example of grace under pressure...(pressure, get it?) :)

Although he has THANKFULLY been without an ear infection for a couple of weeks at the writing of this post, he has, however, continued with his FREQUENT pooping (and from time to time RED bottom.) We had hoped that his little gut would return to a normal schedule since coming off the 3rd round of antibiotics - but not much luck there. At the suggestion of my sister we even tried some probiotics, which seemed to (somewhat) work for a short time, but after a week and still having fairly frequent poops, we took him off that and have just kept up with lots of nursing and some solid foods back in his diet. Honestly, I can't even remember what his "normal" bowl habits had been prior to all of this. :) Yesterday his bottom started to look a bit "miffed" again (not ANGRY, mind you) but clearly a little peevish. I've got to run and get some more Viva and A+D ointment again - butt (he, he, he) in the meantime we're doing what we can to keep him happy in between diaper changes. He really HAS been a trouper! He even was awesome yesterday at Disneyland and napped for an hour and a half while we ran Jackson and Ethan around. (More on the two older Jones' to come!)

Anway - just an update to let one and all know what we've been up to, why we haven't done much in the way of posting, and if you should see/talk to us any time soon, why our eyes twitch and our voices warble as if on the edge of sanity!

For those reading with diaper-aged children: May their bottoms be happy and your supply of ointment never fail!