Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello Tooth Fairy!

Jackson lost a tooth over the weekend. It's a lower front tooth (the left mandibular lateral incisor if my dental training a la wikipedia is any good) so it's a little hard to see the gap in the picture. He was pretty excited about the tooth finally coming out, as it's been loose for weeks. He was even more excited about the bounty left by the tooth fairy. He's pretty well convinced that the tooth fairy is make believe, but that didn't dampen the appeal of cold, hard cash under the pillow in the morning. Once his younger brothers saw that Jackson was getting camera time they wanted in on the action too. Can you use photoshop to clean the living room?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Massachusetts Trip

Once again, I'm reaching back in time here. Back in August we went on a fantastic trip to western Massachusetts to visit family. These are just a few of the great shots from the trip.

The first pic was taken at a swimming hole on the Mill River. The next three shots involve a trip to the lake (more swimming ) at the Daughters of the American Revolution State Park. The final shot is of the fam in front of the obelisk at the Joseph Smith Birthplace Church Historical Site. More to come!