Saturday, May 24, 2008

Everyday Finance Contest

Hello everyone! Many of you know that in the last year and a half I've become very interested in learning more about the stock market and other kinds of investment possibilities. Nothing like an impending 40th birthday to make you think more about financial security. I've pretty much done all my reading online and one of the sites that I've turned to frequently is a personal finance blog called Everyday Finance. A link to that site has been in our Blogs of Note section for some time now. In addition to interesting discussions of the market, EDF has turned me on to and a more effective use of cash incentive credit cards. Everyday Finance is currently running a contest to celebrate its 250th post and, while I think the site is worth checking out for its information alone, I thought some of you might want to get in on the possibility of a cash prize. This blog post is serving as my entry into the contest, but you can enter with as little effort as an email subscription. Here's a link to the contest posting: Everyday Finance $250 Contest

One of the things that has drawn me into reading financial blogs is hearing about what other people are doing with their investments and why. So in that vein let me share that if I win any of the cash prizes I will either put the money into my lending account or I will use it toward the purchase of a stock I found out about on EDF: ticker symbol WWE - that's right, World Wrestling Entertainment. If I get that stock I would enjoy a delicious irony as well as a nearly 9% dividend yield...