Friday, March 28, 2008

Lost Blues

Okay, so we're all set to get our weekly fix of LOST last night, and we realized nothing new was on the DVR. It seems we were the only folks in America that didn't realize Lost was taking a month-long spring break. I guess filming in paradise can really wear a cast out. Yeah, sure, writers strike, yada yada yada. Is anyone else cheesed off about this? I can't get by for a month on Dancing with the Stars!

Okay, I feel better. By the way, speaking of Dancing with the Stars, I think a Star Trek reunion smackdown would be a serious ratings machine. It's high time the question of "Best mambo - Kirk or Picard?" be put to rest. Who's with me...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Doin' the Time Warp...

We had another glorious stay at the beach cottages, this time at the Painters' Cottage, just as we had last month for an evening. Our other two stays last year had been in the Long Board Lodge, which we also love - but it was soooo nice to be 20 paces or so from the actual sand, as opposed to dealing with the brief but sometimes annoying stair hike from the Long Board. As Douglas, a friend of Elliott's parents, said when he stayed over one evening at the cottage: "It's like a time warp." Too true, too true! The boys love any cottage stay and this time was no exception! You just have to love living in Southern California when you can hang out on a beach, and with the exception of just a few other people, be the only ones there! So choice!