Monday, July 30, 2007


Enjoying some time on the computer. Thus far, Ethan has been content to watch his older brother play - but we're already starting to see Ethan's interest in getting on the computer himself.
Water play at Grammy and Gramps' house.
Jackson discovered that he could make Joseph laugh by tickling behind his ears.
Joseph with a new onesie from Grammy (I like how Ethan is hovering nearby.)
Goofing with the cousins in Phoenix
Out in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard on irrigation day. The other cousins have experienced this before but Jackson and Ethan really relished getting in on the event.
This shot was taken when Joseph celebrated his '3 months old' day.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Days of Ethan...

Ethan enjoys climbing into Joseph's swing.
A recent photo taken from our backyard. Elliott & the boys were throwing paper airplanes and Elliott snapped this shot of Ethan.
After Joseph had a particularly loud bout with gas (his hollering was loud, not the gas) I had Elliott get some ear protection for me since Joseph has a decent set of lungs. Ethan was only too happy to test out the ear-wear himself - and this photo, in particular, just cracks me up! (Love how his cheeks get so squished together!)
With his cousin Lucy Mae on our recent trip to Phoenix.
Ethan loved getting into the kennel with his new "cousin" George.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

J & j days...

Wow! I can't believe it's been over a month since our last post! We've been out of town, back in town, and in general just running around so our blog has been a little short on the updates. But here are some fun pics (pretty much a Jackson & Joseph blog post day.) Enjoy!I can't believe how big Joseph is getting (and I'm AROUND him all the time!) I love this picture of him and his cute chunks! Cute clothes are fun but sometimes you just need a good onesie to really show the growing boy!
Ok, so with all the hoopla surrounding the final Harry Potter (which we haven't gotten into yet since the boys are still pretty young but we'll look forward to in a few years when we can all enjoy it together) I thought I'd post this pic of Jackson doing his mini tribute to Star Wars. He's really gotten a kick out of his light-saber (am I even close on that spelling or is it some other version?) from his birthday. And the sewn hoodie-towel from Aunt Chrissy was perfect for our "Young Apprentice" (ok, so it isn't brown, but hey - I didn't say it was a PERFECT tribute!)
Elliott snapped this photo of Jackson a few weeks ago and it has quickly become one of our favs. I easily see both Elliott and myself in him in this shot - he's a keeper!
Joseph's first trip to the beach (on the outside, that is!) And yes, it was actually COOL that day with some winds whipping by - so we snuggled him up in his carrier. He seemed to really enjoy the trip (and I even composed a little "First trip to the beach" song in his honor which I had to record onto my cell phone for lack of a better recording device at the time.) Now I just need to figure out to include the song on a scrapbook page of this day.
Here's Jackson and his friend Makayla playing Go-Go TV (they love it and what great excercise - I even do it for good cardio!) Notice the badge of honor on Jackson's right arm courtesy of his 5 year trip to the Dr. for Kindergarten immunization updates. What a brave guy! He didn't even cry! Not once! He just held my hand and looked away from the needle. I was so proud of him!