Sunday, May 23, 2010

March Merriment

Well I know this is reaching back in time a bit, but I want to get some pics posted from March that are too good not to share. In this post I'll post some shots of a really great missionary activity put on by our ward's primary. You can see from the pictures that the kids dressed up like missionaries and the primary provided name badges. Each of the children was "called" to a particular mission somewhere in the world, and their names were then posted on a big map. Jackson's mission was Raleigh, North Carolina and Ethan's was Houston, Texas. In about thirteen years we will report back on how prescient the primary presidency was. There were a bunch of great activities like the making-your-bed race (I can report that that particular lesson hasn't stuck), missionary Jeopardy, and the construction of missionary piggy banks out of plastic water bottles. At one point the kids made a healthy snack out of apples, graham crackers, and cinnamon sugar. That made me think back to some of the snacking that went on during my mission days in London England. I had one companion that constructed "missionary pizza" out of toast, ketchup, and a slice of processed cheese. My snacks of choice were Yorkie bars and chocolate covered Hob Nobs. Ah, good times. Anyway, the kids had a great time and we got some great pictures. Enjoy!

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